TechnoRV FuelSaver Card

TechnoRV FuelSaver Card

TechnoRV FuelSaver Card

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  • Save up to $1.50 a gallon on diesel fuel
  • Free to sign up
  • 1,100 service stations across the U.S.
  • One-time $4.99 processing fee
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The RV FuelSaver card has a one-time purchase price of $4.99. Once you’ve signed up, and downloaded the RV FuelSaver app, your card will be mailed directly to you. Through the RV FuelSaver app, you’ll be able to provide all your information, see all participating US-based fuel stops, fuel up your RV using your card as payment, and rack up the savings of up to $1.50 per gallon!
We have partnered with over 1,000 fuel stations nationwide (US) to bring you the deepest discounts on high-quality diesel fuel.
This card works with our iOS and Android apps.

Program Details

Step 1 - Get the App

Once you've purchased the RV FuelSaver Card - download our App and Locate a participating fuel station

iOS App

Android App

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Step 2 - Head to the Pump

Head to the high-speed or truck lane (not the pumps located at the front of the station). Swipe at the pump using your new Fuel Saver card & enter the appropriate information including your generated 4-digit pin

Step 3 - Save $$$

Fuel up and then hang up the pump, closing the transaction.

Once your transaction is completed, your discounted fuel purchase will be charged to your debit or credit card on file.

Fuel Station Map

Joining the Fuel Saver Program is simple. 



After purchasing your RV FuelSaver Card, your card will be mailed to you. Once it arrives, it’s good to use. Download the app and use the card only at participating locations.

Yes! The RV FuelSaver app is your one-stop shop for pertinent information about the RV FuelSaver Program. The app will provide users with a map listing which fuel stations in the area are participating in the RV FuelSaver Program. The app will also list the amount of savings available at each station. The RV FuelSaver app is free and compatible with Apple and Android devices. Customers will create their login information.

Savings with the RV FuelSaver card vary from $0.10 to over a dollar per gallon. Fuel prices will differ from one location to another, so use your app to stay current on trends and savings. 

There are no annual fees associated with the RV FuelSaver card. Users will be charged a fee of $0.70 per transaction plus a fee for the payment method linked to their FuelSaver card (2% for debit cards, 3% for credit cards).

The RV FuelSaver card is for diesel fuel purchases only.

On the app, the cost of diesel listed for a fuel station will have a date beneath it. This date reflects when we last received pricing information for that fuel station. As it is possible that a fuel station’s pricing has changed since it was last updated on the app, we cannot guarantee that the price at the pump will always match the price on the app. To ensure the most accurate pricing, choose fuel stations with the most current dates.

Plan ahead! Map your route ahead of time and check which stations have the greatest savings to ensure you will always save the most money on your travels.