About Us

TechnoRV has been in business since 2009 and was built by full time RVers, Eric and Tami Johnson. Eric and Tami have dedicated their time to testing and sourcing only the best RV products that they use personally on their own RV.  In addition, customer service and fast shipping drives the entire company. When you buy from TechnoRV you will have access to our exclusive Learning Series complete with easy-to-understand directions and videos to help you be successful with what you buy from us.


In addition, we have a highly trained customer service team that you email or live chat with for help with any TechnoRV products.  No bots for us - we have real people sitting in Theodore, Alabama here to help!

Great products, the best prices on the internet, and a 5-star customer service experience is what you get when you buy from TechnoRV. We encourage you to read our Google reviews from our customers that have purchased from us. We have no control over what gets displayed on this review platform, but we are confident that you will quickly see what we are all about when reading them.

How do we manage to always have the best prices? It is simple, we have developed relationships with all the manufacturers we represent, and in most cases, we are the largest seller of their products in the entire country, and this means better pricing. Why would these companies choose to partner with TechnoRV? Well, it comes back to our education of the products, fast shipping, and our 5-star customer service. These large companies know that we will 100% take care of the customer, and they love that about us just as much as our customers love it. 


Meet the TechnoRV Owners


Eric and Tami have traveled in almost every type of RV including a 5th wheel, Class A, travel trailer, truck camper, and they even spent 2 months in a 6x12 cargo trailer! They want to experience every type of RVing not just for the adventure, but also so they can understand the needs of the customer. Eric and Tami have been to all 50 states and have spent a lot of time going to RV shows and rallies so they can meet directly with customers to get feedback on products and TechnoRV as a whole. They have 3 adult children and currently have a home on Dauphin Island, which is only about 45 minutes from the TechnoRV office and warehouse in Theodore, Alabama. While Eric and Tami were living full time in an RV for 8 straight years, they are currently RVing with the ranks of part timers, which is again, another RVing learning experience to better connect with customers.

Meet the TechnoRV Team


The TechnoRV office and warehouse is in Theodore, Alabama just off of Interstate 10. All our staff members are highly trained in our products and love emailing and chatting with our customers. They truly love what they do, and it shows! We would not be the company that we are without our highly dedicated staff members in the office and warehouse. Also, speaking of warehousing, we hold all of our own inventory and ship very quickly because as RVers, we understand that you are always moving and need to get products quickly. We have free shipping options on all of our products, and if you need something delivered overnight, we have that option as well. In our opinion, we run TechnoRV like businesses used to be run, a human touch that cannot be duplicated by companies that choose to make getting in touch with them complicated.

Thank you for trusting us with your order. We take it very seriously when you choose to spend your hard-earned money with us. We promise to always be here for you, before, and more importantly, after the purchase.

We look forward to meeting you somewhere out on the road, and as always, safe travels to you and your family.