Pepwave Max BR1 Pro Cat 20 Modem + PrimeCare + 12V Power Supply

Pepwave Max BR1 Pro Cat 20 Modem + PrimeCare + 12V Power Supply
Pepwave Max BR1 Pro Cat 20 Modem + PrimeCare + 12V Power Supply
Pepwave Max BR1 Pro Cat 20 Modem + PrimeCare + 12V Power Supply
Pepwave Max BR1 Pro Cat 20 Modem + PrimeCare + 12V Power Supply

Pepwave Max BR1 Pro Cat 20 Modem + PrimeCare + 12V Power Supply

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The Pepwave Max BR1 Pro Cat 20 Cellular Router is perfect for RVers and travelers looking to use cellular data and campground WiFi to stay connected on the road. You can load up to 2 Nano SIM cards into this router from multiple carriers and select which SIM card and carrier to use. You can also use it to connect to campground WiFi when needed. This router will turn your cellular signal and the local campground WiFi  into a secure WiFi network of your own, right inside of your RV. 

Cat 20 Single Cell Modem

  •  The Max BR1 Pro Cat 20 has a single cellular modem that supports Cat 20 4G LTE-A. This means you can only use one SIM card (cellular plan) at a time to access the internet. 

    Note: This unit takes the smallest "Nano" SIM cards. If you have existing SIM cards are larger, check with your carriers about exchanging for a Nano SIMs.

Dual Sim Card Slots

  • Although the Max BR1 Pro Cat 20 has one cellular modem, it allows you to use 2 SIM cards (cellular plans) in the one modem and switch between the two plans as needed. This allows for the redundancy often needed to stay connected while on the road.  You can also set limits and rules for when you want to use one cell plan over the other which is a great feature when you are trying to conserve one plan and only use it as a backup. You are not using both cell plans at the same time with this router; however, there are routers available that allow you to use 2 SIM cards at the same time which will improve your connectivity. (See the Max Transit DUO routers.)

WiFi as WAN Capabilities 

  • The Max BR1 Pro Cat 20 has WiFi as WAN capabilities, which means you can use it to access campground WiFi using 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. 

Supports All Major Carrier Networks

  • US Carriers: AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon and US Cellular 
  • International Carriers: Rogers, TELUS, and Bell
  • Global Compatibility

Supports Carrier Aggregation 

  • The Max BR1 Pro Cat 20 supports Carrier Aggregation (CA), which means it has the ability to connect to up to 8 cellular bands (from the same plan) at the same time, though realistically you may only see a max of 4 bands being used at one time. By combining more than one cellular band together, it is possible to increase the bandwidth available. Traditional hotspots and phones are usually only able to connect to one cellular band and the tower selects which band you are using. With the Max BR1 Pro Cat 20, you can choose which primary band you want to use (the tower selects the second), which allows you to avoid the crowded primary band used by phones and hotspots. 

Increased Throughput and Speeds

  • Because of Carrier Aggregation, the Max BR1 Pro Cat 20 has higher throughput and speeds than your traditional cellular router or hotspot.
  • The Max BR1 Pro Cat 20 has the following theoretical speeds:
    • LTE CAT-20: 2 Gbps download and 211 Mbps upload
    • Real world speeds will be less than theoretical speeds. 
  • This router features Wifi 6, the latest and greatest wifi technology, promising faster, more efficient wifi performance.



  • Pepwave MAX BR1 Pro Cat 20 Router
  • 1x Molex (4-pin) to AC Wall-Style Power Supply
  • 1x 12V Molex 4-Pin to Cigarette-Style Power Supply
  • 1x GPS Antenna
  • 2x WiFi Antennas
  • 4x 5dBi LTE
  • FREE TechnoRV Learning Series for Pepwave Routers
  • FREE TechnoRV Customer Support


    • Permanent Omnidirectional 7-in-1 Antenna (4x4 MIMO, 2 WiFi, 1 GPS): PEPWAVE MOBILITY 42G

    • Temporary directional antenna (2x2 MIMO): POYNTING-A-XPOL  (NOTE: The XPOL will only have 2 cellular connection so it would work to improve signal on one of the modems in your dual modem unit)







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