Happy Valentine’s Day, From Us to You


I would not consider myself a super-romantic person, but one of the most romantic things Tami and I did during our travels out west was spending the day at the Pagosa Springs Resort and Spa. The spa is in Pagosa Springs, Colorado and is right by the San Juan River. Pagosa means “healing waters” because of all the mineral springs in the area. We were traveling around Colorado and were roughing it while living out of a cargo trailer, so a relaxing day at the spa seemed like a good way to keep Tami happy with the situation.

The Pagosa Springs Resort allows you to pay a daily rate to enjoy the hot springs without being an overnight guest. They have 25 different mineral pools situated right on the river, and the temperatures of the pools range from 45 to 114 degrees. 

In addition to spending the day in the hot springs, we also made an appointment at the spa for a couple’s massage. We spent time in the springs beforehand, had an incredible massage, and watched the sun go down back in the springs.  They had food and drinks available around the pools and provided robes and towels for the day as well.

Our romantic day at the spa was certainly a much-needed break during our summer of roughing it, and it gave Tami the pampering she needed to keep going. Although we had portable power, Dometic coolers, small mattresses, and a hot water system with us, she was reaching her breaking point before our spa trip, for sure.

If you have never visited a hot spring, we highly recommend Pagosa Springs, just not for Valentine’s Day since it isn’t even 40 degrees there right now!

No matter how you celebrate, we hope you have a great Valentine’s Day with your loved ones.

Safe travels,

Eric and Tami


  • Patrick

    My family and I traveled to Colorado during February. The snowy mountains were breathtaking, and we enjoyed skiing and snowboarding. It’s definitely a winter wonderland for outdoor enthusiasts!

  • Rv Fanatic

    If you’re in Florida, check out “Devils Den.” There are areas with cabins, swimming pools, and plenty of RV parking. Maybe not great for February per se, but spring it’s a water lover’s paradise!

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