ReadyVision WiFi RV Rear Observation Cameras from VisionWorks

A common question we hear from many customers about rearview observation cameras is, “Can you make a rear camera that works with a cell phone instead of a dedicated screen?”

I completely understand why an RVer would need a rear observation camera system, and since moving from driving a large motorhome to towing a trailer, I totally feel the need for one that works with my phone.  There is only so much dash space available in my truck, and I have my TST TPMS, Garmin RV GPS, and Garmin Dash Cam on my dash which leaves no room for a dedicated rearview monitor, although my trailer is wired for one.

Finding a rear observation camera that had the range it claimed was hard enough for me and Tami, and we didn't see anyone offering a reliable system that used an app for viewing. We have been using and selling VisionWorks Rearview Camera Systems for many years now, and although they are very reliable and have the range we were looking for, they didn't offer an app-based system. They have several wired options that include a monitor and have side marker lights that can be viewed on the same monitor - all of which operate wonderfully and get excellent reviews.

We are always in contact with Eric and the guys at VisionWorks and pass along customer feedback as we get it, and we have been talking to them about the need for an app-based monitoring system for a while now.  We are thrilled to finally announce they just introduced a new rearview camera system that does not need a dedicated screen that takes up dash space but instead uses a unique app and WiFi signal to view right from your phone. 

The same high-quality camera that is in the wired VisionWorks system that we've used for years is in the new WiFi system, and the app has many different viewing options perfect for rear observation monitoring and backing up. 

When comparing VisionWorks cameras to the leading competitors, VisionWorks wins everytime - not only in quality, but also in price. Because VisionWorks cameras were originally built for the agriculture industry, they are more robust and durable. They were designed to be used in much rougher conditions than we are in when we are in our RV, but they cost less than the leading RV camera.

Let’s look at the specifics of the new ReadyVision WiFi RV Camera Kit unit that we now carry at TechnoRV. We really think this is going to be the perfect solution for those who want the convenience of a rearview observation camera, but don’t have the dash space for a dedicated monitor or just want to spend less on a system.  

ReadyVision WiFi RV Camera Kit - $259

The ReadyVision WiFi RV Camera Kit is compatible with RVs pre-wired for a Furrion or Voyager camera.  If your RV is not pre-wired, you can use the included universal mounting bracket and easily tap into your 12V light wire with the included installation 12V power cable  The kit includes everything you need to get out on the road safely! 

150-Degree Viewing Angle

The camera has a wide visible range and reduces blind spots. The 150-degree viewing angle provides far more visibility than the leading competitor which has a 120-degree viewing angle.

Night Vision

Eighteen (18) Infrared LEDs provide 30 feet of vision in the darkest settings with no ambient light. The night vision on VisionWorks cameras provides almost twice the distance of the leading competitor which only provides up to 16 feet.

Dedicated ReadyVision App

ReadyVision’s dedicated app allows you to view the camera on your Android or iOS device and gives you options like backup guidelines, image rotation, screenshots, portrait or landscape viewing, and frames-per-second meter.

Multiple Mounting Options

The included mounting bracket (compatible with RVs pre-wired for a Furrion camera) and the universal mounting bracket (rubber gasket included) allow for a variety of different mounting possibilities. Mounting brackets for RVs pre-wired for a Voyager camera are also available upon request.

12V Constant Power

Continuous power is provided via a 12V power source.  You can also power the camera with an AC/DC adapter that’s included with each kit.

WiFi Broadcasting

The wireless digital system boasts a 100-foot digital wireless range and comes with the ReadyVision Camera app that allows you to use your iPhone, iPad, Android phone, or tablet to connect the camera’s internal Wi-Fi network. No dedicated external monitor or internet service is required. The kit also comes with a 30' omnidirectional shielded cable with a 7 dBi antenna that can be used to enhance the signal from the camera if you have signal interference.

IP68 Waterproof and Shockproof

The camera is fully protected against dust and can withstand being submerged in water up to 1.5 meters (5 feet) for 30 minutes. These cameras were designed for the farming industry and are more durable than competitors in the RV space which are only rated to IP65.


Kit Contents

  • 1x RV WIFI-HD camera
  • 1x ReadyVision camera antenna
  • 1x Mounting bracket (compatible with RVs pre-wired for a Furrion camera)
  • 1x Universal mounting bracket (rubber gasket included)
  • 1x 12V power and ground adapter (compatible with RVs pre-wired for a Furrion camera)
  • 1x 12V power lead
  • 1x AC/DC power supply
  • 1x 30' omnidirectional shielded cable with 7 dBi antenna
  • 1x Adjustable cup holder phone/tablet mount

VisionWorks also has 2 other WiFi Cameras that work with the same ReadyVision app that are great for hitching up or backing up your RV: 

ReadyVision Battery-Powered WiFi Camera - $199

  • The ReadyVison Wi-Fi camera with magnetic base and rechargeable power supply is perfect for quickly hitching your vehicle to gooseneck, fifth wheel, and bumper-tow trailers, or for backing up a trailer, boat, or RV.
  • Attaches instantly to any metallic surface via an extra-strength magnetic base with no hardware required
  • 150-degree viewing angle
  • Nine (9) Infrared LEDs provide 30 feet of vision in the darkest settings with no ambient light
  • 100-foot of wireless range
  • Comes with 2 power sources: Internal Rechargeable Battery & 12V Constant Power

ReadyVision License Plate Frame WiFi Camera - $99

  • Perfect for quickly and easily backing up to a trailer hitch or as a backup camera that broadcasts to your iOS or Android phone or tablet. 
  • Continuous power is provided via a 12V power plug and allows you to power the camera with a 4-way trailer power adapter
  • 30-foot digital wireless range from the camera to your phone or tablet
  • 180-degree viewing angle provides a wide field of view

Click to read more about the wired rear observation systems that require a dedicated monitor offered by VisionWorks: A New Backup Camera in the Industry: VisionWorks

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