A New Backup Camera in the RV Industry: Visionworks


For many years we have been asked which wireless back-up camera system we recommend. Unfortunately, after testing almost all systems on the market, none of the cameras systems ranked high enough in quality and signal strength for us to feel confident in recommending them to our customer. So for years, we chose not to sell a backup camera system, until now.

Introducing the Visionworks backup camera system

We are so confident in the Visionworks backup camera system that we don't just recommend it—we will be using it ourselves and selling it at TechnoRV starting in January 2021!

The Visionworks back-up camera has survived the toughest tests we could throw at it. 

Click here to watch Eric give a detailed review of the VisionWorks Backup Camera and Monitor Kit.

Here are a few things we love about Visionworks RV back-up cameras:

Resolution: Visionworks cameras have the highest resolution in the industry.

Durability: Most cameras have a durability rating of IP67 or below. The Visionworks digital wireless system is shockproof, dustproof, and weatherproof, with a rating of IP68. This camera is even tested to be submerged in 1.5 meters of water for 30 minutes!

Price: Visionworks cameras are priced lower than their nearest competitors—even with a higher-quality camera.

Installation: If your RV is pre-wired for a Furrion or Voyager system, the Visionworks system comes with an adapter and mounting bracket for easy and quick installation. If you do not have a pre-wired RV then the system will come with a universal bracket.

Warranty: The VisionWorks comes with a 3 year warranty while competitors like Furrion and Voyager only have a 1 year warranty

We are thrilled to add the Visionworks back-up camera to our product line. We know you will love it as much as we do. Check out the comparison of the Visionworks back-up camera system to the Furrion and Voyager systems below. The comparison is actually shocking as the Visionworks excels in every category, and is sold at a lower price.

Why the Visionworks back-up camera is the best on the market

In the world of RVs, a good wireless back-up camera is hard to find. So hard to find, in fact, that we have been unable to find one we could recommend to TechnoRV customers … until now.

The Visionworks back-up camera system knocked all of our tests out of the park. It is the highest-rated, most durable camera we have found on the market—and at the most competitive price.

The company behind Visionworks has been designing and manufacturing farm equipment since 1983, and have been providing camera solutions to the agriculture industry for over 15 years. The RV industry now gets the advantage of these well-built systems for our own industry. 

The camera that comes with the system is a Sony brand, and is shockproof, dustproof, and weatherproof. It is built like a tank and meant to last through tough commercial farming conditions, making it the perfect choice for RVers who do not want to worry about a back-up camera failure on the road or in bad weather.

TechnoRV Tested

Before we jump into the ratings and statistics that make us so excited to sell this back-up camera, we want to share exactly how we tested the unit, and how it stacks up to systems we have tested in the past.

Most wireless back-up camera systems we have tested failed in one of two areas: camera quality/durability, and signal strength. With other systems we tested the image quality was not great, the night vision was horrible, and the signal could be lost between the camera and the monitor under normal road conditions. In addition, we found that most cameras on the market were not durable enough for the demands of RVing. This usually meant cameras with plastic casing and improper weather resistance.

The Visionworks back-up camera system blew other systems out of the water when we tested it on both our Class A RV, our bumper pull travel trailer, and our Jeep. We put it through the toughest test we could think of, and it passed with flying colors.

One test included placing the camera below the roofline on the back of our Jeep, to hide line of sight to the camera monitor. Then, we towed the Jeep behind our 41-foot motorhome, placing the monitor on the floor of our motorhome to again reduce line of sight as much as possible. Even in these conditions, the system worked flawlessly! (Other cameras we tested in these same conditions completely blacked out before we left the TechnoRV driveway.)

We saw little to no delay on the monitor, even at highway speeds of 65+ mph. It is safe to say that our test setup was not an ideal install, so the system will perform great no matter what you throw at it. I watched the VisionWorks monitor right next to my hardwired backup camera on my Class A, and while a hard wired system will always produce well with no lagging, the VisionWorks kept up with very little lagging.

The Visionworks Back-up Camera Features

Visionworks outshines their competitors in a few key areas: resolution, durability, price, and installation.


High Definition Digital quality. 

This is critical for being able to see a detailed screen when backing into a campsite or merging on the highway. It also provides the best-quality picture if your back-up camera will serve double duty as a security monitor.

Plus, Visionworks cameras offer a 90-degree camera angle and night vision, with 18 infrared LEDs.


Most cameras have a durability rating of IP67 or below. The Visionworks digital wireless system is shockproof, dustproof, and weatherproof, with a rating of IP68.

A camera's IP rating is a classification that rates the degree of protection against intrusion by solids or liquids. All Visionworks cameras are submersion-tested. An IP rating of 68+ means their cameras are completely dustproof, and protected from long-term immersion in water up to a specific pressure.

By contrast, Furrion's back-up camera is rated at IP65. They do not recommend you take their system through a car wash—a huge hassle if you are using it on your tow vehicle or toad!

With a 1,000-foot static line of sight range, you can extend the range between your camera and monitor up to 150 feet at highway speeds. Now that's a big rig! Of course, in the real world, there can be things that affect signal strength, so I would not be counting on 150 feet while in motion.


The Visionworks back-up camera system is priced lower than similar systems from Voyager and Furrion. It also comes with a three-year warranty, so you can purchase with confidence that your system is protected and will stand the test of time.


Many RVs come pre-wired for the Voyager or Furrion systems. No problem! Visionworks provides the adaptors and metal mounting brackets to allow for easy install of their system into a pre-wired RV.

Click here to watch Eric install a Visionworks backup camera using a Furrion premount on a Forest River Rockwood.


Visionworks' HD monitors have a built-in DVR and HD camera resolution. Their systems transmit up to 1,000 feet with good line of sight. Their monitors have a quad processor with the ability to toggle between camera views or display up to four camera views at the same time on a single screen.

There are three mounting options for the 5- and 7-inch monitor: a suction cup, a U bracket, or a cup holder mount that allows you to see the screen without obstructing your windshield. The 9 inch monitors have two mounting options: the suction cup and U-Bracket.

Video Recording

The system can also record to an SD card of up to 128 GB (sold separately), either while you are driving or while you are away from home. This allows it to double as a security system. Each camera records at a rate of approximately 1GB per hour, meaning that one camera will record approximately 128 hours of video before erasing old footage to make room for new.

Why Buy from TechnoRV?

We offer the Visionworks RV backup camera kits in three different monitor sizes: 5-inch, 7-inch, and 9-inch. We also carry additional cameras to add to your system.

We are full-time RVers with years of experience in the RV space, both selling and using every product that we offer. We know our products inside and out, and believe in the value of great customer service. It is the cornerstone of our business.

Our business model is built on educating our customers, providing great prices and an efficient purchase process, and supporting our products and our customers long after the sale.

Our motto is "Learn Here, Buy Here, Get Support Here." We are always open to emailing and speaking with you if you have any questions about our products or need assistance installing or using them.

Email us with questions about Visionworks—or any other product—at info@technorv.com. You can also chat with us at TechnoRV.com, or you can call us at 866-324-7915.



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  • TechnoRV

    James – You can replace your Voyager camera with a VisionWorks camera quite easily. The VisionWorks cameras mount right where your Voyager camera is and uses the same power supply. You can contact us and we would be happy to include the Voyager mount to ensure you get a perfect fit! Here is our most popular VisionWorks kit: https://technorv.com/collections/cameras/products/vision-works-hd-wireless-rearview-observation-kit-with-quadview-recordable-7-monitor-and-camera-kit

  • Clydefladwood@yahoo.com

    Can the Vision works system monitor be moved into my 5th wheel when parked and be a security system with trailer not hooked up to my truck

  • James Siggelkow

    Need to replace my Voyager camera system for my travel trailer. My Voyager failed after 3 uses.

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