TechnoRV now has a big way for you to save money on fuel!

TechnoRV has secured a license to provide discounted fuel at thousands of stations across the US! There is only one other approved licensed provider of fuel-saving cards in the U.S., but we will be the only homegrown business planted directly in the RV community to provide this fuel-saving card to the RV community. 

Of the thousands of fuel stations participating in our program, the average savings is $0.57 per gallon. Depending on the station and location, you can save anywhere from $0.10 to over $1.00 per gallon! For now, the TechnoRV FuelSaver card is for diesel fuel only and applies to fuel purchased in the high-speed pump lanes (commercial lanes) where all the big trucks fuel. 

So, why did TechnoRV pursue providing these fuel-saving cards for the RV community? 

We have been RVers for over 10 years and are a part of the RV community we serve. The entire TechnoRV business model has been built on customer service and providing for the community we are a part of. Over the years, as we traveled, we quickly realized that anything we could do to save on fuel costs would significantly reduce our expenses. We tried a fuel card that hit the RV scene very strongly a few years back, and while we could get some fuel savings, we did not feel this card was built for the RV community. Come to find out, a company in the trucking industry provided this card, and this was when our journey began to make a card for RVers by RVers. 

We had two priorities: provide the largest discounts possible and a sign-up method that was not so invasive. The first thing I noticed when I signed up for the fuel card years ago was that they wanted my bank account and social security number. Well, I know RVers, and most do not feel comfortable giving out this information, which is understandable. So, instead, we built our program around basic information from the user, and instead of bank accounts and social security numbers, we just require a credit or debit card to be attached to your account. After all, typically, when you pump fuel, you are using your credit card, so why not just keep using this same concept with a fuel-saving program? 

Next, we had to secure the biggest savings we could if this would be something that genuinely helped RVers with fuel costs. We negotiated for an extended period, keeping RVers in mind and ensuring good geographic coverage. The results of our discounts are great, and certainly at the top in the industry. 

Whether you already have a fuel-saving card from someone else, we want you to have the TechnoRV FuelSaver card in your wallet. When you go to the pump, we believe you will grab our card for your savings knowing that the discount will be the best and that TechnoRV is behind every purchase. 

We truly love the RV community that we are a part of, and this is one of the most considerable contributions we offer to the community. We would love for you to get an RV FuelSaver card from us at You save money on fuel, and you support a company that is in the RV industry. That is a good deal for everyone!

So, how does the card work?

This is one of the best parts of the TechnoRV Fuel Saver card. We know RVers want an easy setup and usage process.  Since we developed the program from the ground up, we ensured it was as simple as possible!

Purchasing and Setting Up Your RV FuelSaver Card

  1. Go to and purchase a TechnoRV FuelSaver card.  For a $4.99 processing fee, we will ship your card to you within a few days. 
  2. Once you get the card, you must set it up using our custom app, which is available for both Apple and Android users. 
  3. You will see two choices once you download the app: Log In and Register.  To set up your account, choose Register.
  4. During this registration process, you will be asked for basic information like setting up a username and password, name, address, and vehicle information.  You will also be asked to set the FuelSaver card up with the payment of your choice, either a debit or credit card. Either type of card is acceptable, and keep in mind that with a debit card, there is a 2% fee, and with a credit card, there is a 3% fee. As you know, these are standard fees that the card companies charge; you still receive significant discounts at the pump regardless of these fees. 

Using Your TechnoRV Fuel Saver Card

  1. When you need fuel, simply pull the FuelSaver App up on your smart device and log in to find the closest participating fuel station.
  2. When you arrive at the participating location, you must go to the commercial fuel lanes where the big trucks fuel up to receive the savings.
  3. When you are at the pump, you will pull up your app and request a PIN. Don’t request this until you are at the pump, as this is a temporary one-time PIN for your security and is only valid for a short period of time.
  4. Once you have your temporary PIN, simply swipe your FuelSaver card. The pump will ask you for your control number, and this is when you enter your temporary PIN from the app. 
  5. Now pump your fuel and enjoy your savings! 

A few things to note about the process:

  • When you request the one-time PIN, your card on file gets pre-authorized for the purchase, so you may receive a text from your credit card company stating the pre-authorization. This is all standard stuff that you are likely used to, and remember, you are only charged for what you pump, not for the pre-authorization amount.  
  • We are the only company that uses a one-time PIN for your security. This is the highest level of security possible to protect your credit card. So, if you ever lose your TechnoRV FuelSaver card, it will be useless to someone else because it will not work without the one-time PIN generated from your app. We know security is essential to RVers, so we built it right in. 
  • Remember, as with any fuel-saving card, the pump will show the regular amount of charge, but the discount will be applied when your card makes the payment. After you are done fueling up, within a short time, you can go to the TechnoRV FuelSaver App and see the actual amount you were charged with the discount applied. That is the fun part: seeing the savings! The TechnoRV FuelSaver App also stores all fuel purchases and savings to easily see what you have spent and saved on fuel over time.

We know the TechnoRV FuelSaver Card will save you money during your RV travels, and we are happy to be able to provide these savings to our wonderful RV community.

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