What is RV FuelSaver?

What is RV Fuel Saver?

TechnoRV is proud to announce the RV FuelSaver Program, a savings program in which RVers can save on diesel fuel during their journeys, big and small.

We have partnered with over 1,000 fuel stations nationwide to bring you the deepest discounts on high-quality diesel fuel.

Fuel Savings

Fuel Savings

Joining the RV FuelSaver Program is simple. Order your FuelSaver Card online for a one-time cost of $4.99, or pick one up at a rally. Once you have it in hand, all that’s left to do is register it on the FuelSaver app, where you’ll need to provide the following information:

  • your name, address, phone number, and email

  • your credit card information for payment

  • the make/model and year of your RV

  • the size of the fuel tank in your RV

  • the size of the DEF tank in your RV

Through the FuelSaver app, you’ll be able to see all participating fuel stops, fuel up your RV using your FuelSaver Card as payment, and rack up the savings!

Get the RV FuelSaver Card

TechnoRV FuelSaver Card

Includes: Fuel Card and Savings at the Pump!

Card is automatically approved with no personal banking or social security information needed.

Find the closest participating diesel pump with our RV FuelSaver app.

Fuel up and SAVE!


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Program Details

Step 2 - Head to the Pump

Head to the commercial truck lanes, swipe at the pump using your new FuelSaver Card, and enter the appropriate information, including your user-generated four-digit pin.

Step 3 - Save $$$ 

Fuel up and then hang up the pump, closing the transaction.

Once your transaction is completed, head to the FuelSaver app to see how much you've saved. Your discounted fuel purchase will also be charged to your debit or credit card on file.

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