TechnoRV introduces the new line of VIAIR RV Air Compressors

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TechnoRV now carries the VIAIR line of RV air compressors.

This has been in the works for almost a year. We started talks with VIAIR nearly a year ago, but we just could not work out the details that would make this work for both of us. We both wanted this to happen, and finally the timing is right, and they are in stock now at TechnoRV. To confirm, we are carrying the brand-new line of VIAIR compressors just released in March 2019. The new model numbers end with “RVS” while the previous model ended with “RV”. VIAIR stated in their press release that these new models will only be available at traditional brick and mortar RV dealers, but guess what? You can also find new RVS models on!

Read the VIAIR press release and see details of each of the new models here:

portable VIAIR Air Compressors for RV tire inflation with accessories



 New VIAIR Model Updates

This line of compressors has taken what is great about the previous models and improved them by listening to what the customers would like changed. This is what I like about VIAIR: they listened, and made changes based on the customers. Here are just a few of the changes for this new model:

  • Some models get an Increased length of the twist-on chuck so the user does not have to bend or kneel while airing up.
  • Some models get longer hoses to ensure you can reach all of the tires.
  • Some models see an increase in the gauge reading from 100 to 150 psi.
  • The carrying bags have been upgraded to be more sturdy.

In addition, VIAIR has made selecting a portable air compressor very easy. Each model of VIAIR portable compressor is designed for a specific class of RV including Class A, B, C, and towables. I love how they designed these compressors to match specific RVs. This will make it so easy when you are ready to buy from us!

Have you heard of the VIAIR Brand? If you do a google search on “Best air compressor for my RV,” 100% of the results will state that VIAIR is the best tire inflation unit on the market. As you know, TechnoRV tests everything we sell to ensure it is a quality unit, and I have been using this unit for about 6 months now. Prior to this, I had tried other brands, but they were all so big, clunky and loud. In addition, it was difficult to find an air compressor that worked off of 12-volt power. All of the VIAIR models are powered by connection to 12-volt battery terminals. This is great because you can easily connect it to any of your battery banks, or even a car battery.

Can you tell we are excited about the addition of VIAIR, and for being a part of a small group of exclusive online sellers of this new line of VIAIR air compressors? In upcoming newsletters, we will talk more about why you should carry a compressor with you on the road, air compressor terminology and more.

What is a Duty Cycle for a Compressor?

For now I wanted to go ahead and answer a question I believe will come up on air compressors in general, and that is “What does duty cycle mean?”

Duty cycle is basically taking an hour of time and describing the amount of time during that hour the air compressor can operate, and how long does it need to rest. For example, 33% duty cycles at 100 psi means it can run at 100 psi for around 20 minutes straight, then it needs to rest and cool off for the remainder of an hour. If you are at 100% duty cycle at 100 psi, then this means it can run at 100 psi for an hour straight, then it needs to rest for a complete hour. When you have a 100% duty cycle compressor, the cubic feet per minute (CFM – the volume of air being pushed) is a little lower and takes a little bit longer to get to the 100 psi. Basically 33% duty cycle is a sprinter, 100% duty cycle is a marathon runner.

Go ahead and check out the new VIAIR models on our site and when you are ready, go ahead and add the one that fits your RV to the cart, and we will ship it right out to you. Stay tuned for more information on VIAIR air compressors in future newsletters!



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  • Mark Escovedo

    Are you recommending the 400rvs or 450 viair for a large 5th wheel at 43’ and 16800 gvrw? Thanks for your time.

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