How to Choose the Right GasStop for Your RV

Choosing the correct GasStop is really easy. There are only 2 types of propane tanks that come on RVs.  The BBQ tank style is called a DOT tank, and the built-in tank found on motorhomes is called an ASME tank.

Each tank has a different connection style.  The DOT tanks have as ACME style connection, and the ASME tanks have a POL connection. 

Remember, if you have 2 DOT propane tanks on your RV then you will need to purchase 2 ACME GasStop devices so you are not having to switch one back and forth. 

If your DOT tanks are under a cover, you may need a GasGear 90-degree propane hose by GasStop in order for it to fit. GasGear is a high-quality hose that comes in rubber and braided stainless steel.  In addition to providing more space under your propane tank cover, it is a great replacement hose for any DOT tank that is outside and exposed to the elements.

Ready to purchase your GasStop Propane Safety Device? Click here to shop the GasStop and GasGear Propane Devices.

If you have any further questions regarding this decision then feel free to contact TechnoRV as we are a primary distributor for this product and we will certainly be able to assist you.  

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