Suction Cup Antenna Mount

outdoor antenna mount using heavy duty suction cup
antenna mount using suction cup and extended pole for higher positioning.
top view of suction cup antenna mount
external antenna mount on RV with tall line of site.
side view of heavy duty suction cup for RV
antenna mounts for securing pole
suction cup side of antenna mount
side view of antenna mount for exterior applications.

Suction Cup Antenna Mount

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The Suction Cup Antenna Mount is the perfect solution to mounting your WiFi or Cellular Antenna. This Suction Cup Mount will mount to any smooth, non-porous surface, so naturally the sides of your RV will work perfectly. Just attach the suction cup mount on your RV near the entry point of where the cable will come into your RV. That is all there is to it! This makes for a very easy and clean install. Before you leave for your next destination, just take it down. 

We get asked all the time what is the best solution to mount our WiFi and Cellular antennas, and here it is. Put it up when you get to the campground, and take it down before you leave. No more worrying about permanent mounting or drilling into your RV. This mount is a very sturdy, industrial strength, aluminum and stainless steel metal design, and the suction cup is extremely secure and heavy duty. You can also put an extension pole into the mount, and put the antenna on the extension pole to improve the height and line of site to the access point. We put a 1-inch by 5-foot  schedule 40 PVC pole (not included) in the mount, and then attach the antenna to the top of the pole for great line of site. This will greatly improve your line of site.


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