Why Surge Guard Electrical Protection Systems?

TechnoRV now sells the Surge Guard Electrical Protection System product line! This is some of the most exciting news we have been able to share in a long time. Surge Guard is a product of Technology Research Company owned by Southwire, the largest manufacturer of electrical cable and wire in North America. This company has been embedded in the electrical industry for 50+ years. Now I know everyone has their opinion on what the best products are out there, but I take it as a personal mission to ensure that what we sell the absolute best products that I can present to you. This does not mean there are not other good products; it just means that after a lot of research, I am confident that Surge Guard is the best Electrical Management System on the market; otherwise, I would not have made a change.

Here are the reasons that Surge Guard is the best system on the market today:

  1. The specifications on the product exceed all other product lines as it relates to protecting your RV. Surge Guard gives you up to 4200 joules of power surge protection.
  2. The LCD display on the portable models is clear and concise. If there is a problem with the power to your RV, the LCD display tells you what the problem is - no more confusing codes that other brands display.
  3. Overheating plug protection. No other brands offer this type of protection.
  4. Surge Guard has an endorsement list that includes well known technicians, installers, seasoned full timers, and now TechnoRV.
  5. Top manufacturers like Tiffin, Newmar, Jayco, Forest River, DRV, Heartland, REV (Fleetwood), Winnebago, Thor Motor Coach, Newell, Northwood, Grand Design and many more, choose Surge Guard products to install in their newly manufactured RVs. If these companies believe in Surge Guard, then that says a lot.
  6. Surge Guard is a solid business that is known for standing behind its product lines. Being owned by Southwire gives it the R&D dollars to always stay in front of the technology curve. With our RVs becoming more advanced, our protection systems must also follow suit. Surge Guard is doing that with new innovations. I have visited with Surge Guard, and I know they are taking the necessary steps to protect our RVs.

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