TST 770 TPMS vs TST 507 TPMS

Over the past year, you may have seen pictures of the new TST 770 monitor that has been included in many Forest River RVs at the OEM level.  The TST 770 monitor was exclusive to the OEM market, and until recently, buying a new RV was the only way to get one.

In January 2023, TST began to offer the TST 770 TPMS as an after market TPMS system.  You can buy a TST 770 monitor separately if you already have the TST 507 TPMS and just want to upgrade your monitor, or you can get the entire TST 770 TPMS Kit which includes the monitor, sensors, mount, repeater, and power cable.

The new TST 770 TPMS is available only at TechnoRV.  We are not only users of the TST brand, but we are also the top seller of TST TPMS products for the RV community.

Be aware, the TST 770 upgrade is not a replacement system for the 507, and they will continue to offer both for the RV after market.  The 507 has always been the flagship TPMS from TST, and it is the one we used for 6 years of full-time RVing. Let's look at what the TST 507 and the TST 770 have in common. 

Similarities in the TST 770 and the TST 507

  • Both systems monitor tire pressure and temperature and alarm you when either of these get out of a safe operating range.
  • Both monitors alarm you of rapid pressure loss and slow leaks.
  • Both monitors auto-scroll between tire positions.
  • Both systems are backed by a 3-year warranty.
  • Both monitors work with the cap, flow-thru, and internal sensors from TST that have a date code of 4519 and newer.
  • Both sensors auto-program into the monitor and do not require you to enter any sensor codes.

Although they both do the most important thing which is monitor your tire pressure and temperature and alarm you when your tires need attention, there are some differences between the two. 

Differences in the TST 770 and the TST 507

  • The most obvious difference is the size of the monitor.  The TST 770 monitor measures 5.28" x 4.59"  while the TST 507 monitor measures 3.5" by 1.75".
  • The TST 770 has a touch screen monitor complete with app settings, while the TST 507 has buttons for programming.
  • The TST 770 monitor provides features that the TST 507 monitor does not, including a resettable trip odometer, real-time direction of travel, altitude and speed readings.  
  • The TST 770 monitors up to 5 trailers, while the TST 507 monitors up to 4 trailers.
  • The TST 770 monitor provides the battery levels and voltage of each sensor, while the TST 507 has an indicator when the sensor battery is low.
  • The TST 770 automatically sets your low and high pressures, while you have to set the low and high pressures manually on the TST 507. 

As you can see, the TST 770 TPMS is a wonderful upgrade to the TST 507, but don't worry...the TST 507 TPMS isn't going anywhere! 

You can shop both the TST 507 TPMS and the TST 770 TPMS at TechnoRV.com.

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