The New Surge Guard App is Here!

Surge Guard released a new App that is compatible with the portable 34931 and 34951 Total Electrical Protection Systems.  The new App uses Bluetooth and allows you to do several things right from your phone which eliminates the need to read the LCD panel on the device in the event of a fault or error.

Surge Guard App Features

  • Monitors the power to your RV and reports usage
  • Shows errors in real time
  • Helps you understand error history
  • Provides easy access to troubleshooting and how-to guides
  • Shows when the power will be restored

Connecting to the App is simple and you can find the Surge Guard App in your phone's Apple or Android app store. The App is simply named "Surge Guard" and when you download it, it walks you through connecting and naming your device. It is simple to use and provides a lot of great information about your device and the power coming to your RV.

All Surge Guard 34931 and 34951 purchased from TechnoRV after the App launched will be compatible with the App.

If you have a Surge Guard 34931 or 34951 that was purchased before the App launched, you will need to check your device's date code to see if it is compatible out of the box.  If your unit has a date code older than 2232 (32nd week of 2022), you will need to follow the directions below to have your unit updated to be compatible with the new Surge Guard App.

You can find your date code on the back of your unit.  

Updating your Surge Guard 34931 or 34951 if the date code is before 2232

In order to have your Surge Guard Portable device flashed with the software needed to utilize the new App, click here to contact Southwire.  They will get back with you within a day and give you further directions on how to return your unit to Southwire for them to flash the new software. 

This upgrade can take up to 45 days, and please reach out to Southwire if that timeframe is too long to go without your unit.

When you visit the link, you will find a form that looks like the one below.  Be sure to fill it out completely.


If you do not have your exact Purchase Date, you can estimate it or access your account at for the date you purchased your unit.

The Product Number is either 35931 or 34951, depending in which model you have.

The Product Date Code can be found on the back of your unit and is given in a 4-digit year/month format.

In the Questions/Issues section, write “Need to have my Surge Guard updated with the new phone App software.”

Want to upgrade to the new Surge Guard 34931 and 34951? All portable units from TechnoRV are compatible with the new App, and you can click here to shop:  Surge Guard Electrical Protection Devices.

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