TechnoRV Releases the New WeBoost Drive Reach RV Cellular Booster

TechnoRV Releases the New WeBoost Drive Reach RV Cellular Booster





We are very excited to announce that we are now selling the newest WeBoost cellular booster for RVers: the WeBoost Drive Reach RV Cellular Booster.

We will dig into specifics below, but in a nutshell: the WeBoost Drive Reach RV provides the most powerful cell signal amplification available for users on the move. This makes the WeBoost Drive Reach RV the top-of-the-line choice for staying connected to any cellular carrier on the road.

We have been longtime users of WeBoost ourselves, so having the chance to use and share the newest generation cellular booster is incredibly exciting! As full-time RVers ourselves, we love our WeBoost Drive Reach RV, and could not imagine traveling without it.

Here's why.


What is the WeBoost Drive Reach RV Cellular Booster, and how does it work?

If you are not familiar with cellular boosters, here's how they work.

Imagine that you're camped in a national forest or national park, with just one bar (or even less) of 4G cellular signal. You might be able to send a text or make a phone call, but if you're trying to work, stream, or stay connected, the weak cell signal won't be strong enough to support extensive use.

Cellular boosters like the WeBoost Drive Reach RV use an outside antenna to pull in weak cellular signal from the nearest cell tower. A cable from that antenna connects to the WeBoost Drive Reach RV booster, which amplifies the cellular signal. In other words, it takes a weak signal and turns it into a much stronger one. An inside antenna then rebroadcasts that boosted cell signal within your RV.

Effectively, it's like bringing a piece of the cell tower inside your RV! Now you've got a stronger signal for your cell phones, tablets, mobile hotpots, or any other cellular devices you use to work or stay connected from the road.

Why is the new WeBoost Drive Reach RV the best booster yet?

The WeBoost Drive Reach is the newest unit from WeBoost. It reaches 74% farther than the previous model, and is 5G ready, so you won't need to replace it for many years to come as technology continues to evolve.

The WeBoost Drive Reach boasts a 50 dB gain system, so it provides the most boost allowed by the FCC for a cellular booster designed for use in motion. In addition, this unit provides game changing 29.5 dBm uplink power that will drastically improve your upload speeds. Combine these advances in the booster itself with superior antennas, which project further than similar antennas on competitive units, and you have the best option for keeping connected from anywhere.

Also, the outside OTR-style antenna is now even stronger than previous models, and is designed to hold up against wind, weather, or even the occasional light brush with a tree limb . . . Basically, whatever you can throw at it.

What does all of that mean to you?

With the WeBoost Drive Reach RV cellular booster, you can enjoy strong cell phone signal and connectivity up to 74% further away from a cell tower than you could before. You get the maximum gain allowed by the FCC, and a wide range of mounting possibilities, so it's good for any RV.

The WeBoost Drive Reach is compatible with all mobile devices and wireless carriers in North America, so it's service- and device-agnostic. Just set it up, turn it on, and enjoy a strong cell signal with fewer dead zones and much faster upload and download speeds.

All told, this means peace of mind that you can stay connected, no matter where you roam.

Why buy from TechnoRV?

Here at TechnoRV, we are full-time RVers ourselves, so we fully understand the challenges of staying connected on the road. We thoroughly vet every unit we sell, so you can be certain when you buy from us that you're buying the best product on the market.

We are committed to making sure you are successful with any product you purchase, and the WeBoost Drive Reach RV cell booster is certainly no exception. We offer a complete Learning Series for every product to take all the guesswork out of setup and installation.

If you have any trouble, we are just a phone call, email, or online chat away, and always ready to offer you our 5-star customer support.

How do you mount it?

Our Learning Series covers installation in detail, so you'll have clear directions on different options for mounting the WeBoost Drive Reach RV.

The two basic options are:

  • Permanent mounting, usually on the roof, or sometimes your RV ladder.
  • Temporary mounting. We use the TechnoRV Suction Cup Mount to attach the WeBoost Drive Reach RV when and where we need it—the process takes less than 5 minutes.

What's included?

Out of the box, here is what you get when you purchase the WeBoost Drive Reach RV:

Drive Reach cell signal booster

Inside antenna

Outside Drive RV antenna

Mounting plate

SMB connectors

AC power supply

Click here to watch a full unboxing video and walkthrough of everything that's included with purchase.

Of course, when you buy through TechnoRV, you'll also have access to our Learning Series that's designed to make installation as quick and easy as possible.

Still have questions? Give us a call, chat or email – we'd love to help!

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