SoftStartRV: A Game-Changer for RV Air Conditioning

You might know that we only work with brands we stand behind, and so we do not bring new products into the TechnoRV lineup very often. Well, this month we are excited to announce that we have started carrying SoftStartRV!

What is a SoftStartRV?

SoftStartRV by Network RV

SoftStartRV is a device that you wire directly to your RV's air conditioning unit to reduce the starting amperage. A typical 15,000 BTU RV air conditioner will surge to 50+ amps when it starts up; this is known as inrush current. This surge only lasts about 1/6 second, and then the unit will stabilize to around 12-14 amps to run the AC. That starting inrush becomes a problem in several common camping situations:

  1. You are boondocking and using a generator to power your AC
  2. You have a 50-amp RV with more than one air conditioner, but you are at a pedestal with 30 amp service
  3. You are plugged into a 15- or 20-amp outlet (if you are parked in a driveway, for example) and you want to run your air conditioner

Without a SoftStart to reduce the spike in current as the compressor kicks on, the surge in amperage can trip a breaker or overload a generator. It is also hard on the air conditioner itself, over time. Mike Sokol of RV Electricity was kind enough to join me for an interview and tell me all about the process he has been using to test and measure the performance of these units. I also value Mike’s opinion when I am choosing a brand for a particular product line, and Mike too chooses SoftStartRV! You can watch that interview here: SoftStartRV Interview with Mike Sokol

What Does SoftStartRV Allow You To Do?

SoftStartRV allows you to run an RV air conditioner using a 2000-watt generator (like the popular portable Honda generators), without having to haul a much larger generator with you just to accommodate the start-up current. You can also run more than one air conditioner while hooked up to 30-amp service. Please check out our brand new product page for more information, and to ask any questions you might have. We are happy to answer them! I also filmed a short video of me installing this unit on our RV, which could not have been easier: SoftStartRV Installation Video

Why Did We Choose SoftStartRV Brand?

  1. Research - We researched the different brands and were impressed with the quality of the unit and the customer service of the SoftStart
  2. Expert Endorsement - We spoke with Mike Sokol of RV Electricity and he told us that he had tested it thoroughly and believed it to be a high-quality unit and works as advertised
  3. Customer Service - Customer Service is important to TechnoRV and we tested the service from SoftStart and it was great. You can literally schedule an install appointment where they will walk you through the install over the phone, and in real time!
  4. Customer Reviews – There are countless 5-star reviews that I read through and I was most impressed with what customers are saying about SoftStart
  5. TechnoRV Tested - I installed the unit on my RV, tested it thoroughly, and it passed all my testing measures

We believe SoftStart is the best unit on the market with the best customer service, and therefore, TechnoRV has started to sell this unit on our site. If you would like to purchase a SoftStart, then check them out here: SoftStartRV at TechnoRV

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