Maintaining Proper RV Tire Pressure with the VIAIR-RVS

Proper tire pressure is essential to your RV and its safety, but without the ability to add air when needed, it can be difficult to do.  Many gas station air pumps do not even have enough power to air up some of the larger tires on RVs leaving you only a few options: call AAA, carry around a large air compressor which must have AC power to operate, find a friend with an air compressor, or heaven forbid, run on tires with low pressure until you find a truck center or gas station with the capability to air up your tire.  Well, those used to be your only options, but now you have an option made especially to help RVers maintain the proper pressure in their tires while on the road: the VIAIR Tire Inflators.

After a couple of years carrying around the large, loud, and heavy air compressor we brought from home, we switched to the VIAIR Tire Inflator. The VIAIR Tire Inflators have become an industry standard for RVers. These are high quality units that operate off of 12 volt power, which is what makes them so popular. They are small, lightweight and much quieter than the typical air compressor. In addition, a lot of compressors collapse at the thought of high pressure tires and VIAIR has models rated up to 150 PSI

As you know, maintaining proper pressure in your RV tires is critical and the VIAIR aids in this by providing air whenever you need it, whether you are in a campground or on the side of the road.  Finding out you have low tire pressure on the side of the road is one thing, but not having a way to add air when you do is another thing altogether.  Even if you do carry a typical air compressor, they usually require AC power to operate and AC power is not something you may have access to on the side of the road, unless you have a powerful enough inverter or generator on board. 

We carry a VIAIR 450-RVS in our RV and have a VIAIR 89-RVS for our 4-wheeler for when we off-road. We know that as long as we are in a motorized vehicle with a battery, we have the ability to add air to any tire, any time.  We even gave all of our kids a VIAIR 89-RVS to keep with them in their vehicles in the event of low tire pressure on the road.  It gave us peace of mind as parents knowing they could handle low tire pressure on their own without having to call someone.

We have had our VIAIR 450-RVS for over 4 years in our motorhome and have used it heavily and have never had a single problem with it. We continue to use it now even though we have downsized RVs.  If you talk to other RVers, you will hear the same thing: the VIAIR Tire Inflators are the BEST!  These units come with a nice carrying bag, they are easy to use, and they pack all the power that an RV could ever need.

There are 4 different models that match perfectly with all style of RV’s, and we have made a comparison video to help you with that decision.

While choosing the VIAIR 89-RVS when you have a small RV or choosing the VIAIR 450-RVS when you have a large motorhome seems to be an easy decision, choosing between the VIAIR 300-RVS and the VIAIR 400-RVS seems to bring the most questions. The jump from a 300 to a 400 not only adds cost, but also adds some awesome features that you can't get with the 300 model.

To help with this decision for those who fall in this grey area, we made a video showing the differences of only the 300-RVS and 400-RVS models.

To see some of the hose features of the VIAIR 400 and 450-RVS, check out the video below where Eric demonstrates the hoses and connecting them.

Want to see the VIAIR 450-RVs in action? We went off-roading in Great Sand Dunes National Park and had to air down our F350 tires to get through the sand.  Having the VIAIR 450-RVS on board made airing up easy afterwards without the hassle of going to filling station!

There are several models available and TechnoRV carries the latest one: the VIAIR-RVS models. The previous models end in -RV and they do not have as many features at the newer models, so be aware.  

To shop all 4 of the VIAIR Tire Inflators, click here.   As always, if you have additional questions about the VIAIR Tire Inflators, please contact us and we would be happy to help!

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