Clearsouce RV Water Filters and Hose-Grip

Tami and I are excited about 2 new products we just added to TechnoRV. We started researching Clearsource RV Water Filter Systems at the request of many of our customers and for those looking for a whole RV water filter solution. We still have (and love) the Berkey Water Filter for our drinking water, but if you are looking for a water filter system that will filter the water to your entire RV, then the Clearsource RV Water Filter is the perfect solution. It attaches to the water supply and filters all of the water going to every part of the RV including the shower, sinks, washers, and even dishwashers for all you lucky RVers with one! There are 2 different models to choose from (Premier and Ultra), and we've made videos for both to help you learn more.

The next new product we are excited about is one we have used for years, even before the Clearsource.  It is called the Hose-Grip and it is a wonderful addition to your Clearsource Water Filter and water hoses in general. They provide an excellent grip for all your water connections. The larger grip makes connecting your water hoses much simpler and can really help if you have issues with your grip strength. I've used one for years and 100% recommend them. One of my favorite applications of the 90-degree Hose-Grip is my black water flush in my wet bay.  It is in an awkward location and makes connecting the hose difficult.  Now I have the Hose-Grip which stays connected to the flush connection and all I have to do is attach the hose to the end of the Hose-Grip with the larger collar making it much easier than before.

To see the Hose-Grip in action, check out the quick video below that I made when I installed the Clearsource filter using the Hose-Grip.

If you still have questions about any of our products, we are here to help Just give us a call, shoot us an email or chat with us at We love to see happy customers and do whatever we can to make this happen! 

To shop all of the RV water filters and hose accessories at TechnoRV, click here.

We hope you are planning a wonderful RV summer, and we hope to see you down the road!

Eric and Tami

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