Mopeka Propane Standard Sensors (2-Pack)

Mopeka Propane Standard Sensors (2-Pack)

Mopeka Propane Standard Sensors (2-Pack)

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The Mopeka Propane Standard Sensor gives you peace of mind while on the road, tracking your propane tank levels in real-time.

Easy to install, the sensor magnetically mounts to the bottom of your LP tank and communicates via Bluetooth, giving you updates every five seconds.

With the Mopeka Check app (or RV Whisper app), you can easily monitor your tank levels and get updates every five seconds.

No more guessing how much propane you have left in your tank - the Mopeka Propane Sensor keeps you informed and in control!

Compatible with RV Whisper!

RV Whisper and Mopeka have joined together to offer you an easy solution for propane monitoring and logging.  Data from up to 10 wireless Mopeka propane sensors can be logged in the RV Whisper monitor station installed in your RV so you can see both current and historical propane level data in the RV Whisper app over the internet.  Email and text message alerts can also be sent when a propane tank is running low.

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