Which Tire Pressure Monitoring System is Best?

The answer to this question is very easy, and let me explain why. At TechnoRV, we research and choose which products to sell based on the quality of the product, and the quality of the company that is selling and producing the product. Presumably we could sell any brand of TPMS that we want to. In fact, we have sold another brand in the past, but as time passes, and more and more research is done, there is no question that TST Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems are the best TPMS product on the market.

TST Tire Pressure Monitoring System for RVs

There are specific reasons why TST is the brand that stands above the rest, and here they are:

  1. TST employs a team of engineers in the United States that ensures that the technology is always ahead of its time.
  2. TST was originally designed for the trucking industry, so the quality built into the product can keep up with 90,000 mile a year trucks. The yearly mileage we put on our RVs is nothing for these systems to stand up to.
  3. NO CHEAP PARTS! TST uses GE circuitry in their monitors and sensors are double insulated. It is what you can’t see with the TSTs that makes them special. Next time you see a system for cheaper, it is because it is cheaper.
  4. Since I have been selling TST, I have had virtually no support issues. This is very telling as my phone would ring frequently with the other brand we use to sell. Simply put, customers are very satisfied.
  5. If a support issue were to arise, TechnoRV and TST are here to support you. The team at TST has been great to work with. When customers call them they answer, 24/7. The support team is very knowledgeable, and I have personally learned a lot from them.
  6. TST is available in the cap sensor or the flow thru sensor. These are great options; both types weigh less than an ounce and will not affect the balancing on your tire. The flow thru sensor allows you to air up your tires without taking the sensor off of the valve stem. If you have a tow car, it is recommended that you use the cap sensors, but you can still use flow thrus on the RV. This is a very versatile system.
  7. You have a choice between the 510 system that has a 5 year battery in the sensor or the 507 system that has user replaceable batteries that last about a year. If you get the 510 system, when the battery dies in 5 years, you just send back to TST and for 19.95 they will send you a new sensor, and you are good for another 5 years.
  8. As you know, when you buy a TST from TechnoRV, you get the TechnoRV learning series to teach you everything you need to know about the system, and of course we have installation videos on our website and YouTube channel. Bottom line, TST is easy to set up and use.

I feel very strongly about this product as a business owner. TechnoRV is committed to providing only the best products, and we have nailed it with the TST TPMS systems.

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