What makes Surge Guard Electrical Protection Systems the Best?

Surge Guard Electrical Protection System for RVs

First, if you look at the numbers alone, the Surge Guard Electrical Protection Systems offer more protection for your RV than any other unit on the market. Most people know that the protection level rated in joules is the main number to look at in an electrical protection system, and the Surge Guard has the highest level.

The Surge Guard also has overheating plug protection, which other units do not have. At the Escapade this week a customer that had another brand of electrical protection stated that when he plugged his power cord into the protection system he must not have plugged it in all the way. The unit’s plug overheated and burned the unit up. This would never happen with a Surge Guard because of the patented overheating plug protection.

The other feature that we think is important is that the Surge Guard is a sealed unit. Other brands have the receptacle in the protection box itself. This means you have a chance for water to get inside of the unit where the sensitive components are; a sealed unit is a better choice.

Lastly, all of the big RV companies choose Surge Guard, like Tiffin, Newmar, Forest River, Winnebago, and many, many more. If you have a class A, you likely have Surge Guard components in it, whether it is the cabling, cord reels, electrical monitoring systems, and more.

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