What is an RV Specific GPS?

Rand McNally has developed GPS units that are specifically designed for RVers. This means that you will enter your RVs information into the GPS, such as height, weight, number of propane tanks, and more, and then the GPS will route you accordingly. So when you have a true RV GPS then you do not have to worry about being routed on a road with low bridges or through a tunnel that does not allow propane. This is peace of mind while you are driving. The other great feature of an RV GPS is all of the points of interest that are designed for RVers. These include RV campgrounds, RV services, parking areas such as Walmarts, travel centers, and much more. 

So whether you are in a 45-foot class A or you are towing a teardrop travel trailer, you will enjoy the millions of points of interest made for RV’s. The GPS unit can also be easily placed into “Car” mode so you can also use the GPS in your tow vehicle or truck when you are not RVing. When the unit is in car mode it routes you as a regular car and not as a RV. There are also regular points of interest including gas stations, restaurants, airports, hotels, hospitals, coffee shops, ferries, golf courses, churches, schools, libraries, rental cars, military bases, post offices, and much more. Simply put, having a Rand McNally GPS from TechnoRV will make your trips safer and more convenient.

There are no losers in the new Rand McNally line up. When you purchase your new Rand McNally from TechnoRV.com you will receive the Learning Series with easy to follow instructions and lots of videos to make sure you are successful. This learning series is only available when you purchase from TechnoRV.com.

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