What Are the Differences Between the TST 507 and TST 510 Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems?

Are you looking to buy a TST Tire Pressure Monitoring System and you can't decide between the 507 and 510 model? Before you make your final decision, you should know there are some similarities and differences between the two that you need to consider before purchasing.

Differences between the TST 507 and TST 510 Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Let's start with the the type of sensors that are available for the units. Both the TST 507 and the TST 510 are available with cap sensors, but only the TST 507 gives you the option to use the TST Flow-thru Sensor. This is a sensor that you do not have to remove in order to add air to your tire.

TST TPMS Flow Thru Sensors
TST 507 Flow-thru Sensors

Both the cap sensor and flow-thru sensor for the TST 507 have batteries that can be replaced by the user. It is a CR1632 battery and has an average life of 10-12 months. The TST 510 cap sensor battery is not user-replaceable and must be returned to TST when it needs to be replaced (approximately every 5 years) for the cost of $19.95.

Another difference between the two is the way that you program the sensors when going through installation. Both sensors have a code that must be entered into the monitor in order for the sensor to be identified by the unit. The TST 507 sensor code is automatically entered when you hold the sensor next to the unit during installation; however the TST 510 sensor code must be manually entered during installation. This isn't a huge difference since installation only happens once, but the TST 510 does take more time to install due to the manual entry of the codes.

The monitors of the units look different as well. The TST 507 has a rectangular shape that can not sit flush on the dash without the included dash mount. The 507 also comes with a window mount. The TST 510 is rectangular as well, but it has a wider, flat base that can sit on the dash. For that reason, you can use the included Velcro to affix it to the dash, or you can mount it on the AC vent using the included mount.

The TST 510 unit comes with an additional antenna that can be used in place of the short antenna in order to increase the communication between the sensors and the unit. It has a cord so you can mount it closer to the sensors. The TST 507 does not come with an additional antenna.

TST 507 Tire Pressure Monitoring System
TST 507 Monitor with Cap Sensors

Similarities of the TST 507 and TST 510 Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Both the TST 507 and TST 510 systems are built with anti-theft devices on the sensors. Without the included tool, someone would not be able to remove the sensors from your vehicle. The cap sensors for the TST 510 as well as the cap and flow-thru sensors for the TST 507 have anti-theft devices. The Flow Thru sensor uses a small screw to secure it to the valve stem.

A 12 volt charger comes with both the 507 and 510 units, and both units can last 7-10 days of normal use on one fully-charged battery. This is a great feature as you do not need to have the monitor connected to a 12 volt source as you go down the road. A hardwired kit comes with both units also for those who would like to hard wire the unit into a 12 volt source.

Both monitors scroll through each installed tire as you are driving. You can quickly see the psi and temperature of each sensor position, unlike some systems that go to a "sleep" mode while driving and only show psi and temperature if you press a button.

TST 510 Monitor

Finally, both the TST 507 and the TST 510 have an available TST Repeater. The repeater ensures the signal from the sensor to the unit is strong. It is recommended that a repeater be used with longer 5th wheels and for RVs with tow vehicles. There is a TST 507 Repeater and a TST 510 Repeater.

TST TPMS Repeater for Boosting sensor Signal
TST 510 Repeater (Optional)

As you can see, there are 5 main differences between the TST 507 and 510 Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems, but they both have the same great performance and reliability that you would expect from a TST TPMS.


TST 507 Tire Pressure Monitoring System Features

  • Battery is user-replaceable
  • Available with flow-thru or cap sensors
  • Sensor code entered automatically during installation
  • Dash mount and window mount included
  • Anti-theft device on all sensors
  • 12 volt charger and hard wiring kit included
  • Repeater available


TST 510 Tire Pressure Monitoring System Features

  • Sensor must be sent to TST to replace battery after 5 years
  • Available only with the cap sensor
  • Sensor codes must be entered manually
  • Velcro dash mount or AC vent clip mount included
  • Additional external antenna included
  • Anti-theft device on sensors
  • 12 volt charger and hard wiring kit included
  • Repeater available

Wan to know more? We have a video showing the differences between the TST 507 and 510 units:

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